Hey there. I am trying to setup App Mesh and ECS E...
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Hey there. I am trying to setup App Mesh and ECS EC2 with Pulumi and I am having the following problem. The pulumi up command executes successfully based on my template. The task definition has 2 containers - one is the envoy container and one is my app container. The envoy container has the environment specified like so environment: [ { name: 'APPMESH_RESOURCE_ARN', value: srv_ext_providers_node.arn }, { name: 'ENVOY_LOG_LEVEL', value: 'DEBUG' } ]," where the APPMESH_RESOURCE_ARN uses the ARN of the virtual node previously created. However, the container continually fails to start with the following error: Anyone have any ideas what this means or how I can fix the environment variable output? It must be the env var which is the probably and reading the ARN from the other virtual node resource.. Also note that the whole container definition is inside a JSON.stringify block as per the example on the task definition page https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/aws/ecs/taskdefinition/#basic-example