Hello Pulumi Comunity. I've a curious aws.ec2.Defa...
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Hello Pulumi Comunity. I've a curious aws.ec2.DefaultAcl issue whereby a Route 53 UDP rule doesn't get added while a TCP rule does get added. Here's an example of a route53_egress_nacl not added:
[ { protocol: "udp", ruleNo: 171, action: "allow", cidrBlock: "", fromPort: 53, toPort: 53 }]
. I have an NTP rule exactly like this one that gets added for UDP port 123 - why would that one be OK but no-go for 53? I noticed that the AWS console recognizes port 53 as "DNS (UDP) (53)", so is there another magic protocol I need to specify in the rules for DNS?
hey Larry, this is a little difficult to read. Would you mind formatting your post with code backticks?
Done - it's a simple one element array