i think you need apply(). containerDefinitions: se...
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i think you need apply(). containerDefinitions: service.arn.apply((arn) => JSON.stringify({…. value: arn … })
Hey @proud-pizza-80589 thanks so much! I actually got there in the end and figured out the apply thing so thanks for the pointer - it was exactly right. I'm a bit concerned having started the journey though ... I thought Pulumi would be able to reference resources, now I'm concerned I'll need to do this everytime I need to reference resources between eachother, e.g. subnets. Surely this isn't the case? Are there specific times when apply MUST be called?
only if you want to use stuff as strings
e.g. here, i can use the namespace name right from the Pulumi Output
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this.internalService = new k8s.core.v1.Service(
        metadata: {
          labels: compileLabels(subject, SmartContractSet.name),
          namespace: namespace.metadata.name,
        spec: {
          ports: [
              port: 8080,
              name: 'http',
              protocol: 'TCP',
              targetPort: 'http',
          selector: compileSelectorLabels(subject),
          type: 'ClusterIP',
      { parent: this, provider: opts.provider }
there is a section about this in the docs which explains when and why it needs apply