To shed more light on above, I am using JSON.strin...
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To shed more light on above, I am using JSON.stringify to wrap my container definition in an ECS task container definition. I need to inject the ARN of a resource into an environment variable however this is where the problem arises as JSON.stringify doesn't seem to allow the interpolation of the arn... I'm assuming this is to do with how / when pulumi does this.. Anyone used ECS with container definition and injected env vars?
search the aws or python for my name, I've solved this problem
if you cannot find it, I'll share a code snippet but I'm currently really busy
even though I did it in Python I think that solution may be applicable in TS as well
Thanks @great-sunset-355 I actually did solve it too. I noticed a couple of Github comments on similar issues so put a comment there too, basically wrapped the string in an apply function
yeah, I use
that works with Output objects inside the json but each interpolation needs