Hey all we have different development teams within...
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Hey all we have different development teams within our organisation who want to use different languages for our pulumi component package and not willing to budge. Has anybody come up with a component package solution where people can write components in a couple of different languages?
This is supported by Pulumi https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/pulumi-packages/
With Pulumi Packages, Resources and Components can be written once, in your preferred language, and made available in all the other languages supported by Pulumi.
What language stacks? Might be easier to push a c# dev to use f# via fable compiler and standardize on typescript
cant see why any go, python or dotnet dev wouldnt embrace the opportunity to standardize on typescript (simply because all devs should have experience to javascript - which is basically the result after type erasure) with a bit of encouragement?. That's not to fan any war, we're using the dotnet sdk simply because we have a standardize stack and want to do reflection on our main packages as part of our iac
@little-summer-88406 Yes I completely agree and why I initially went Typescript however as you have probably experienced certain developers have deeply ingrained beliefs regarding specific languages and frameworks that can make them very difficult to budge on. Creating a successful cloud accelerator with Pulumi relies on good relationships and collaboration which I am mindful to not upset - so yes very good point but complex situation.
@steep-toddler-94095 that is what we plan to use but it only compiles into multiple languages rather than letting users write in multiple languages
What do you mean by
letting users write in multiple languages
Do you mean writing a single component package using more than one language?
Yeah so we are a big organisation and getting teams to agree on a single language to write componentresources in is actually harder than it sounds as some developers have strong beliefs when it comes to languages. We’d like it so some teams can contribute in typescript and others in python however during the build they all just cross compile into the other languages. Is what I’m asking impossible?
Yes, the solution to something like that is well outside the scope of Pulumi. You're asking to be able to write a single program using multiple languages. You'll have to ask your peers to choose one language per component they want to make. They still have the flexibility to use another language for another component. Is your issue that any single component may be "owned" by multiple development teams?