Will be much appreciated if anyone experiencing su...
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Will be much appreciated if anyone experiencing such error messages share some light on what possible error message the underlying provider could be sending and ignored in … assertions … Expecting error but … error lost ?
expected non-nil error with nil state during Create of urn:pulumi:
hey there, there's not a whole lot here, do you have more code you can share?
Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciated. But it’s kind of intermittent error. Haven’t found a code that can reliably reproduce the error and as you can imagine … it’s just like the error message itself
trying to find where this message/string come from exactly. Seems to be some sort of assertion
If we can locate the source of the message it could be a very small issue
Sry, don’t have code to reliably reproduce this but it seems that somehow the RPC call to
occasionally returns empty response ? and the decode just give up ---> https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-terraform-bridge/blob/01aaac698e67bb5ff1b36960081122791837d377/pkg/tfshim/tfplugin5/provider.go#L66