Is there a suggested workflow for doing templated/...
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Is there a suggested workflow for doing templated/instanced style deployments with the Kubernetes provider? Example, I have 30 variations of an application that need to be deployed. Most share similar characteristics, albeit there are some differences. The first thing that comes to mind is a stack-per-variation, of course… but I wanted the option to be able to deploy all of these stacks say, via a Superstack of the sorts, so they all maintain their own individual state, but the superstack maintains the state of all the other child stacks… Maybe I missed something in the documentation and this paradigm is blatantly obvious and documented…
you'd build a ComponentResource and then instantiate that: which language are you using?
So essentially a ComponentResource would be part of that “superstack” right?
can a ComponentResource leverage a StackReference and/or aggregate all resources of child stacks without impacting the child stacks? e.g. 2 reqs: 1.) A user wants to be able to deploy a single instance/variation of this application so it would have its own unique stack, I gather. 2.) A user wants to be able to deploy all or more instances/variations of this application, but somehow, if possible, having the individual stack state preserved.
#2 might be more difficult unless there’s some secret stuff I’m missing. but I think it would be acceptable for the state to change if using the “aggregate” stack to deploy multiple resources. It just means any affected child stacks would be ‘stale’ at that point and vice-versa…
yes a ComponentResource can leverage a stack reference, you define input options for a component resource, you'd just grab the stackref from there
I'm not following 2: i'm afraid
Sorry, if I am being a bit confusing there
The idea is that #2 is when the user wants to deploy “all variations” of the particular application to be able to deploy them atomically, say using the ComponentResource, but each variation would be deployed to its own unique stack so that change is tracked for the variation.
Maybe this can be distilled: can a ComponentResource deploy sub-stacks?.. is sub-stacks the right term to use here? maybe this is what I’m seeking, and it’s not implemented?
I think what Luke is describing in this issue is what I’m seeking, but it looks like it’s not implemented. 🤔
hey, sorry for the delay: yeah this isn't implemented I'm afraid