11/03/2021, 11:43 PM
Hi everyone. Coming back with another issue. I am trying to run
pulumi preview
as part of a github action and keeps complaining about not finding the eks provider:
error: no resource plugin 'eks' found in the workspace or on your $PATH
In my package.json as part of dependencies i have eks
"@pulumi/eks": "^0.34.0"
. This seems to be working locally but in the actions it fails. As part of the
npm install
in CI, I can see that the other pulumi packages that I use (for example cloudflare) are getting registered as part of npm install, however EKS package does not produce any log. Any ideas ?


11/04/2021, 12:15 AM
it sounds like automatic plugin acquisition isn't working for that package, you can work around it by doing
pulumi plugin install resource eks <version>


11/04/2021, 12:25 AM
I was trying to avoid doing that šŸ˜ž I was hoping i did something wrong. This looks like a really rough solution. I can't imagine this being manageable in a ci/cd where it would be easy to forget to update the version in the workflow file. Should I report the bug somewhere ? @billowy-army-68599


11/04/2021, 12:26 AM
ā€¢ is the eks package in your
? ā€¢ can you share your npm install log?


11/04/2021, 12:33 AM
if by
eks package
you mean
then yes. I linked the version in the original message. It also has the correct version in
. Install log in CI (without the Downloading bits)
> @pulumi/aws@4.25.0 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/aws
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource aws v4.25.0

[resource plugin aws-4.25.0] installing

> @pulumi/docker@3.1.0 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/docker
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource docker v3.1.0

[resource plugin docker-3.1.0] installing

> @pulumi/kubernetes@3.8.3 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/kubernetes
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource kubernetes v3.8.3

[resource plugin kubernetes-3.8.3] installing

> @pulumi/cloudflare@4.0.0 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/cloudflare
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource cloudflare v4.0.0

[resource plugin cloudflare-4.0.0] installing

> @pulumi/random@4.3.1 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/random
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource random v4.3.1

[resource plugin random-4.3.1] installing

> @pulumi/tls@4.0.0 install /home/runner/work/devops/devops/node_modules/@pulumi/tls
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource tls v4.0.0

[resource plugin tls-4.0.0] installing
These are the only ones relevant to pulumi. It just seems like eks is completely ignored
Just to mention: manually installing the plugin in the CI as a separate step does indeed work, but I have a feelign it should be picked up from
like the rest of plugins
@billowy-army-68599 so what do you think about this ? Is this considered a bug ?


11/04/2021, 3:09 PM
I'm honestly not sure, please feel free to file an issue


11/04/2021, 3:10 PM
Will do. thanks šŸ™‚