Hello :wave: . I’m trying to set up the Pulumi Aut...
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Hello 👋 . I’m trying to set up the Pulumi Auth0 provider to manage tenant creation. As part of the configuration I need to provide a
and a
but I’m having difficulty understanding where to get these from in Auth0. I’ve had a go using the Global Client Information values in the Advanced settings, but the info text suggests I shouldn’t be using them:
"Typically, you will not need these values"
and when I’ve tried to use these values there’s an error saying:
"You need to create a \"client-grant\" associated to this API"
. Is anyone able to tell me where to find the client ID and secret values in auth0?
For anyone reading this with a similar issue, I completely missed this in the docs 🤦:
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Auth0 does not currently support creating tenants through the Management API. Therefore this resource can only manage an existing tenant created through the Auth0 dashboard.