# general


12/21/2021, 2:23 AM
Is anyone else having issues running anything backed by the Pulumi backend? All my destroys/previews/ups are running forever and have to be interrupted...
Found a project that's working normally.. either it's just resolved, or else I have a problem with some creds / projects, and not with others...
Not resolved.. some projects are just sitting there ad infinitum...
Further update: it's specific to an organization. I have a project that had a personal stack and a stack in an org (both in Pulumi backend). The personal stack worked fine. The org stack is stuck.
Can't see a way to get in contact with support in the console... 🤔


12/21/2021, 11:17 AM
Support - That should probably be discoverable in the console as well I would imagine , but that should get you to the support folks to help you out!
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