Hello! I’m starting with Pulumi, and I’m on discov...
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Hello! I’m starting with Pulumi, and I’m on discovery mode to find out if it’s the right tool - so I’m a noobie in the subject of this solution. I’ve tried to find how to do it, but maybe I have the wrong perspective. I’m looking to codify two VPC: one in GCP and one in AWS connected with S2S VPN. I can do it individually VPCs (AWS and GCP separate Pulumi apps). What should I do if I need it in a single application? Is it the right approach, or shall I manage it separately and import it somehow later into a single app (I also can’t figure out how it would work - so not sure if it’s the right track)? Does anyone manage multi-cloud (GCP and AWS) in a single app?
you can have multiple provider within the same application or go separate if needed
if you have, let’s say, different peaople managing each clouds, it is easier to have it separated, you can reference resources between stacks
but if the same person will do the work, a single stack with multiple provider is easier
Thank you Tiago!
do you know by any chance how to create project with pulumi cli? 🙂
Andrew, appreciate humour 😁 you could do better posting link to google 😄 here is an actual link I found after Tiago messages: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/multicloud-ts-buckets
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