I've been playing with pulumi the past couple of w...
# built-with-pulumi
I've been playing with pulumi the past couple of weeks on stream, still got a long list of things I want to add to this service, but thought I'd share it now it's in a working state. https://github.com/trelore/pulumi Current features: • Deploys GKE • Deploys Argo w/ declarative setup to point to another open source repo I have • Deploys loki-stack (loki/grafana works out the box, need a tracing/metrics solution) Future features: • Hook up prometheus to scrape above service Done • Add an API gateway w/ basic auth to remove the need for port forwarding to the services • Suggestions??? Feedback very welcome, I've winged a lot of this.
I documented what I think is a bug, but I need to tear down the cluster and remake it to reproduce.
Seems like it needs to be run at least twice to work, the crd for argo application doesn't want to wait for the helm chart to deploy the application crds.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Very cool, if you want to go one level deeper with the automation you could try using automation api to create your own custom CLI: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/automation-api/getting-started-automation-api/ Some examples here: https://github.com/pulumi/automation-api-examples#go-examples
Oooh, thank you! I've heard lots about the automation api but not played with it yet