Hello :wave: I am a big fan of Github Actions, an...
# built-with-pulumi
Hello 👋 I am a big fan of Github Actions, and our team want to move as many things to CI/CD processes as possible. Like many others, we need to bump Docker tags quite often and for quite some time now, this has been a simple configured value in the Pulumi configuration. Searching for ways to move more to CI/CD, I created a Github Action that automatically bumps the tags. A Github Action workflow automatically creates a pull request after a new Docker image is added to Google Container Registry (e.g. https://github.com/ayrorg/infra/pull/15). The magic here is that it contains a list of commits between the current tag and this new tag, resulting in automated changelogs. This puts less tooling into the local environment, deploying more accessible, and more stable because we can review what changes there are before pushing. The brain of this operation is this workflow, which uses
so different repository workflows can trigger it. Let me know if you have any questions, or maybe you want me to share more about (maybe a blog post) 🙂
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