I've noticed Pulumi's AWS Lambda implementation in...
# python
I've noticed Pulumi's AWS Lambda implementation in Python doesn't quite manage the hashing of the Lambda package in order to determine wether it needs to be re-uploaded or not. That's kind of problematic because most of the time the Lambda or its Layer aren't changing yet we have to re-upload them everytime... When you want to use the hashing system, you need to set
in the Lambda. The problem is that this won't work unless you use the exact same hashing algorithm that Terraform uses, in Go language. So I've reverse-engineered said algorithm and created a public Gist that I wanted to share with the community here: https://gist.github.com/LouisAmon/ea395d39d80b28eb78181831fa523456 Cheers
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Similar trouble with docker images used for ECR task definitions, when :latest is used for the tag.