I'm new to Pulumi and currently a bit confused abo...
# python
I'm new to Pulumi and currently a bit confused about how
pulumi --cwd <some dir>
is supposed to work. I wanted to do something like this:
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project root
|_ __main__.py
|_ bootstrap
   |_ __main__.py
   |_ core_deployment.py
   |_ __init__.py
The bootstrap package has it's own
file to establish the basic user, group and role for deployments and a privileged user must initially run
pulumi --cwd bootstrap up
. Then for all other deployments, provided bootstrap doesn't need to change, then "regular" users can run
pulumi up
and because the root
always includes the bootstrap deployment, the state for the stack is always aligned and works just fine provided the regular user doesn't need to destroy the bootstrap state, and then a privileged user is needed again. BUT using
results in the root
being called regardless (the bootstrap
is ignored). Even using
cd bootstrap; pulumi up
still results in root
being called. What am I missing here?