Hi again all (including <@U0288KYUB7C>) - is there...
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Hi again all (including @prehistoric-activity-61023) - is there a way for pulumi to read a config file to populate its configuration instead of this being command line? Or is this just a matter of editing the pulumi.*.yaml file?
what did I do to get a special mention here? 😄
I’d like to answer but I don’t really get your question. Are you talking about setting config values without using CLI?
If so, you can simply edit the stack YAML file. This is what I do. You have to use CLI in order to save secrets though.
Thanks @prehistoric-activity-61023!
Is there any way to avoid that error 'resourceInUseByAnotherResource' when you try to update a resource that has dependencies?
I’ve never seen this error myself 😐
Can you share some more details how you can reproduce that error?
@prehistoric-activity-61023 will share momentarily, thanks for bearing with me!
I do get an error trying to delete the postgres user from a database instance when I try to pulumi destroy
quick search told me it might be related to GCP
Can we provide the version of pulumi as well as version of providers you’re using? (
pulumi version
pip freeze
from the venv should be enough) Can you confirm we’re talking about CloudSQL from GCP? I think you didn’t mention the cloud provider. Did you create and manage the db server using pulumi as well?
seems to be returned by GCP API itself so… it’s probably correct 😄. The question is: how did you manage to get that? (it might be your fault or you manage to find a bug in a provider). If you are able to reproduce the issue consistently and can share the full code, it could help us debug it further. Anyway, I’ll wait until you answer the questions above 🙂.