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# automation-api
#automation-api I'm creating resources using Pulumi in Azure. I then have to pass information as a consequence of those resources back into Azure. An example is creating an Sql Database in Azure and then adding an administration group to it. The resource is stood up via Pulumi and I have an Azure Cli script that can perform the administrator group addition. However I need to update the Azure Cli scrip to include the ResourceGroupName and SqlServerName to the script. Basically I need a way to get those values back from pulumi so I can feed them into the script. Is the Automation-Api the best way to do that or is there some better way to get those values?
yes this is a great use case! you can also export the values at
and use
pulumi stack output
and bash it to a bash script
Thanks! Also where exactly do I find the documentation for automation-api?