The automation API also seems to support `importSt...
# automation-api
The automation API also seems to support
, same as the CLI - does the automation API also generate the code for the imported resource, as the CLI does?
Importing of the stack (whether of the CLI -
pulumi stack import
or automation api) doesn't generate any code. Importing of individual resources (
pulumi import
) generates code.
ah, damn thats what I’m looking for. -so this then seems not to be supported by the automation api I guess
The reason why I’m asking is because I just noticed that gcloud export now supports terraform as the export format:
gcloud alpha resource-config bulk-export  --resource-format=terraform So I was wondering if I would be able to build something like that with pulumi
You can bulk import multiple resources by passing in a json file:
Although I suspect to use that GCP exporter you'd want to export as terraform then use tf2pulumi to generate the Pulumi code
yeah, but then it would be GCP specific - something more general would be great
I'm not understanding what it is you're looking for
never mind, I’m just thinking if it would be worth to build a tool which would ease the export of multiple resources from a Cloud Provider (GCP, AWS, Azure, …) in a more simple way - e.g. visual selection of the resources to be exported
cc @dazzling-scientist-80826 ^ Domi you might want to look at
cool, thanks!
Thanks @lemon-agent-27707. @prehistoric-nail-50687 I've DM'd you. Hopefully we can help 🙂 If others are interested in this topic, feel free to DM me too.