hi team, I am using the nodejs sdk and the inline ...
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hi team, I am using the nodejs sdk and the inline runner for integration test of different projects ( shared lib etc.. ). I found that there is
in the
which compare the the module level global identifier
. It will failed for the any pulumi runtimes if not point to same module even they have the same version. Is there any way we can bypass it ?
Using multiple versions of the pulumi/pulumi SDK at runtime can cause promises to leak and your program to terminate early with outstanding work. This results in undefined behavior. Is there a reason why using the resolutions field of the package.json doesn't work for your use case?
Thanks, I reckon we need to restructure our test codes. We have a new test pulumi project next to the Iac project and try to reference the files inside the Iac project, which bring two pulumi runtimes.
You could try running your test projects as "local" projects instead rather than inline.
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