Anyone else seeing ``` System.MissingMethodExcep...
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Anyone else seeing
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System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Pulumi.IDeployment Pulumi.Deployment.get_Instance()'.
       at Pulumi.Azure.Core.GetSubscription.InvokeAsync(GetSubscriptionArgs args, InvokeOptions options)
@cold-caravan-83486 what version of Pulumi are you using?
This feels like you are using a v2.0.0-beta build
Latest packages pulled by paket, so v2 and Azure v3. I'm working on getting the exact versions.
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pulumi version
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pulumi plugin ls
NAME    KIND      VERSION                           SIZE    INSTALLED       LAST USED
azure   resource  3.1.0-alpha.1586251892+g61a25a08  172 MB  43 minutes ago  1 minute ago
azure   resource  3.0.0-beta.1                      172 MB  1 week ago      1 minute ago
azure   resource  2.4.0-alpha.1585596375+g39a541f3  172 MB  1 week ago      1 minute ago
random  resource  2.1.0-alpha.1586540537+gaac8346   38 MB   37 minutes ago  1 minute ago
random  resource  2.0.0-beta.2                      38 MB   1 week ago      1 minute ago
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Pulumi (2.0.0-beta.3)
    Pulumi.Aws (2.0.0-beta.2)
    Pulumi.Azure (3.1.0-alpha.1586251892)
    Pulumi.FSharp (2.0.0-beta.3)
    Pulumi.Gcp (3.0.0-preview-beta.1)
    Pulumi.Random (2.1.0-alpha.1586540537)
(nuget packages in the solution)
yeah the v2 of pulumi and the providers (v3 of Azure and Gcp) have breaking changes
@tall-librarian-49374 thoughts here?
with respect to each other or the pulumi exe?
you can see the Pulumi binary changes here
and your issue is listed on that unreleased list
Yes, we’ve recently changed that property. That’s like the last breaking change before shipping.
You either need to wait for the next beta of the providers, or use 1.x Pulumi nuget and 2.x Azure NuGet
Or probably Azure 3.0.0-beta.1 should be fine
using any
is not a great idea
Got a working set now, thanks.