Newbie question coming up :slightly_smiling_face: ...
# dotnet
Newbie question coming up 🙂 In my stack definition, I'm generating some passwords using Pulumi.Random, which I'm then storing in AWS Secrets Manager. Back in my app, I now want to retrieve said secrets from Secrets Manager, e.g. using
. However, because Pulumi appends a generated ID to the secret names, I'm not sure what the best way is to map the secrets to .NET POCOs, since my app won't know the exact secret name.. Has anyone got some pro tips on this matter?
Just noticed that providing a
in the SecretArgs actually removes the generated ID, which makes life a whole lot easier 🥳
I tend to let pulumi control the name, I might provide a prefix with
, and then I use the
in the output to refer to it from then on instead of relying on a static name.