As part of my Pulumi code, I'd like to be able to ...
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As part of my Pulumi code, I'd like to be able to be sure that I'm deploying the stack to the correct place (AWS account). I started off by using the
in the stack config; however when authenticating this way, I can't create and EKS cluster (gets error
could not get token: NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated
). So now I have to use the environment variables. The problem is I could easily have the wrong environment variables and deploy my stack to the wrong place. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Re: EKS not supporting aws:profile - I believe that was fixed with which should be available in a release soon (or you can use “dev” tag to test it out). You can also do something like this to print out details of the current provider being used (or even go further and assert that you are targeting a certain account or set of accounts and fail the update if not):
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Thanks, I'll have a play with that.
Is it possible to have the main content of my pulumi app inside an async function (or then from a promise)? And still return stack outputs?