Another thing that would be beneficial is adding m...
# docs
Another thing that would be beneficial is adding more of the docs into the typescript types. Having to look up the docs online when I could see them in place isn’t as efficient
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Curious - Which docs do you see on the site but not in the TypeScript types?
Example Usage for, all of the docs on the different methods there.
They aren’t in instance.d.ts for example, so I can’t see the info
Basically if I
Go to Declaration
inside of WebStorm, I should be able to see all of the info, not just
The "Example Usage" is part of the docs on the class. You should be able to scroll up to see if in Goto Definition. The lack of docs on nested substructure in properties is a bigger issue, and those docs are not present in the docs site either. See
Thanks for the info on the first thing. I do see it now
I’m subscribing to that issue now. Hope to see that soon. Definitely a huge issue IMO.