Is there any other pulumi provider that has been w...
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Is there any other pulumi provider that has been written other than the pulumi-kubernetes provider? It's not the most friendly provider to get started (
@billions-fall-36374 what provider are you looking for support for?
Hey @broad-dog-22463 I was thinking of building my custom provider, I don't have a specific goal yet but I think pulumi/terraform could be useful outside of infrastructure as well and I wanted to see how easy it was to build providers. I think terraform is a bit bloated but it looked like pulumi would be easier, however, I find it hard to get started. E.g. the kubernetes one is still using a
instead of a
and I don't see at all how those resources are linked to the custom provider etc. It would be nice if e.g. the random one was written in native pulumi, as it's a really easy one to understand (kubernetes is way more complex)
Hi , I am also looking for example to use Terraform IBM provider