Happy to announce the release of Pulumi 0.14.3 (as...
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Happy to announce the release of Pulumi 0.14.3 (as well as some updates to many of our packages)! A few of the top things in this release: - Many quality of life improvements in the
package (many of which came from @stocky-spoon-28903, Thanks!) - Initial support for doing serverless functions with GCP. - Improvements to the CLI's output, especially when run in CI environments like Travis. You can install the latest version by just rerunning the installer, or by visiting https://pulumi.io/install/ Pulumi 0.14.3: https://pulumi.io/install/changelog.html#v143
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support! http://no-color.org/ Yay!
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Nice! Great release, all! Looking forward to playing with the GCP serverless bits
Thanks for pointing this out @tall-librarian-49374. We had an issue on our end which prevented the build from being published with the correct file name. This is now resolved and it should be reachable. I just confirmed from my Windows machine that both downloading it from the docs website or using the very long command that uses powershell to install the build both now work.