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08/15/2018, 12:41 AM
🎉 Pulumi 0.15 is available now! 🎉 This is a huge release, with big improvements and new features across the breadth of the Pulumi user experience. Some of the major features of this release: * Parallelism: All deployments will now proceed in parallel where possible. * Kubernetes: End-to-end improvements for Kubernetes users, including full support for the Kubernetes API, status rich updates, and deployment of existing Helm charts. * First Class Providers: You can create two instances of the AWS provider, or configure a Kubernetes provider based on the results of creating an Azure resources (like AKS). * Template Improvements:
pulumi new
can now point at any Git repository, allowing customized templates in addition to those hosted by Pulumi. * Native TypeScript Support: You no longer need to manually run
files are natively supported as inputs to
pulumi update
. * Pulumi GitHub App: Pulumi can now be plugged into CI/CD via a Pulumi GitHub Application which will report status of previews and updates onto PRs. * OpenStack: A new OpenStack provider was contributed by @helpful-vegetable-35581, and is now publicly available. * Closure Capture Improvements: We've addressed a common request to support references to top-level imports from within cloud functions. * Azure Serverless: We've added a new
with initial support for serverless Azure applications built with Pulumi. * Google Serverless Functions: Thanks to @tall-librarian-49374 for contributing support for simple serverless functions on GCP! Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bug reports and contributions as input to this release! You can install the latest version by just rerunning the installer, or by visiting For full details of the Pulumi 0.15.0 release check out:
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