An updated Pulumi release is available - `0.15.2` ...
# announcements
An updated Pulumi release is available -
of the Pulumi CLI and updates to all of the pulumi packages! A few of the highlights: * Many improvements for Kubernetes development with Pulumi (watch out for some blog posts about this coming tomorrow!) * Easier to use local backend, to enable use of Pulumi without the need to log in to the Pulumi service. * Preview of Azure support for
. * Overhaul of
pulumi refresh
to support many more use cases for pulling resource state in the cloud back into Pulumi. * Support for
pulumi new <url>
pulumi up <url>
to easily install Pulumi-based cloud application with a single command. * Support for
in AWS Lambda (thanks @early-napkin-64960) * Ability to create AWS Lambdas from JavaScript callbacks using "factory functions" that can share warm up tasks across invocations. * Azure serverless support for Service Bus Topics and Storage Queues (thanks @tall-librarian-49374) * New
for easy and flexible HTTP servers that can be supported across AWS, Azure (and GCP and others in the future!) * Improvements to
. (thanks @helpful-vegetable-35581) Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bug reports and contributions as input to this release! You can install the latest version by just rerunning the installer, or by visiting For full details of this Pulumi release check out:
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Azure "ServiceHub" - Service Bus and Event Hub keep getting mixed up 😉
Good work. Is it available on homebrew as well?
I was able to grab it via brew in the last 30 minutes.
@fresh-umbrella-15520 update now. 👍
Azure "ServiceHub" - Service Bus and Event Hub keep getting mixed up 😉
Indeed! (I took that from the title of our PR - which got the naming wrong 🙂). The new support is for Azure Service Bus Topics.