:tada: An updated Pulumi release is available - `0...
# announcements
🎉 An updated Pulumi release is available -
of the Pulumi CLI and updates to all of the pulumi packages! A few of the highlights: * Many improvements to core
CLI output to simplify and clean up the output for common usage * Delete operations will now run in parallel (building on the work to introduce parallelism in 0.15) * Support for additional CI systems when using the Pulumi GitHub App (including integration with preview of GitHub Actions!) (thanks @stocky-spoon-28903!) * Command completion for
(thanks @adventurous-jordan-10043!) * New provider for VMWare vSphere (thanks @rough-oil-1458!) * New package for AWS EKS - a single component to stand up a full EKS cluster * Moved all features of
for improved discoverability and ease of use * "New Project" actions in Pulumi Console * New and improved activity dashboard in Pulumi Console Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, bug reports and contributions as input to this release! You can install the latest version by just rerunning the installer, or by visiting https://pulumi.io/install/. For full details of this Pulumi release check out: https://pulumi.io/reference/changelog.html#v160
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