Hey folks! We have just shipped the preview of Au...
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Hey folks! We have just shipped the preview of Automation API for Python! Running your Pulumi program is now as simple as running
python my_file.py
Check out the blog post to learn more. Examples We have a number of examples ready for you to take for a spin over in the examples repo, and we’d love to see your contributions for how you are using automation API in your projects. • Inline ProgramLocal ProgramCross-Language ProgramDatabase MigrationPulumi over HTTPPulumi w/ Jupyter Notebook Try it out! The Automation API still requires a Pulumi CLI installation. You’ll need a CLI version >= v2.9.2 and >=v2.17.1 of the pulumi package. We’d love to hear your feedback as you start using Automation API in your own projects. We have a list of known issues and we encourage you to leave notes and open more issues as you come across them. 🏭🏭🏭 Happy automating! 🏭🏭🏭
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