<@UBC4C7AMC> Just took a quick pass, and this look...
# contribute
@helpful-vegetable-35581 Just took a quick pass, and this looks great! If you have a simple example, would be great to add that to the repo as well (following a similar pattern to what `pulumi-aws`/`pulumi-azure` do). I'm going to see if I can get ahold of an OpenStack instance to try this out myself.
It’s worth noting that not all open stack installs work with the terraform provider - it was tested with DevStack
Good to know. Thanks.
open stacks a bit annoying like that, there isn't really a standard install. I've used three instances of openstack and they were all slightly different (although terraform did work for all of them). Makes examples a bit less useful because there's no standard flavours, images, or if you can connect vms to the main network. Still I'll add something for the examples folder and will just comment that it was tested on ovh.co.uk and might not work on other installs.