ok btw <@UB39JFCKC> &amp; <@UQ8K13T7X> - The <Auto...
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ok btw @tall-librarian-49374 & @lemon-agent-27707 - The Automation API PR has been split into 2 PRs. The Automation API PR now contains only the automation API additions and does not touch deployment concurrency. The Automation API has also been split into a separate assembly and a separate test assembly. The changes necessary for deployment concurrency have been pulled out into a new PR so that it may be reviewed independently.
Awesome, thanks for all the leg work to make this easy to review!
Of course! I think all my comments on the original PR that were referencing files may be broken now though, welp
Because of this change, once/if both PRs eventually make it into master there will need to be a 3rd PR to allow consumers of the
Automation API
to pass through external assemblies down into
- support for the external assemblies relies on the concurrency changes
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