10/11/2022, 4:59 PM
Hello everyone! A noob question here. I am (test-drivenly!) building a stack for DBMS, on python. Currently (at both docker and yandex-cloud providers I use) Pulumi considers stack up if resources are created, but not ready yet, and I need to wait (or, more correctly, try connecting with a backoff) before starting my tests. Is there a way to move this readiness check into stack logic, so that
command is completed on definitely ready stack? Should I do a custom provider, or a local Command perhaps? I am off k8s at the moment (as I know it has a notion of readiness probes etc), going by sole containers for dev and pure VMs for prod. This probably extends to eventual regular checks of infrastructure, that
pulumi up
will conduct when run by cron, as that's the IaaC way, right? 😉 Thanks!