Question on Helm Release: How do I enable additi...
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Question on Helm Release: How do I enable additional tracing output when running pulumi helm. I am trying to deploy a release via pulumi that times out saying some resources are not yet ready. However, helm install of the same chart from command line helm goes through. I am trying to see how pulumi can give me more debug context - and if this is something i can control via any knobs. [I am deploying via pulumi automation api + python]
Hello Team, can someone provide any hints so I can get to find the root cause of what is failing?
Try asking in the #kubernetes channel and/or the #automation-api as this channel gets a bit noisy and the folks who know Helm and Automation API might not see it. Generally, Automation API programs can be hooked into a standard debugger and run that way. We've got a few more docs here that explain how to get diagnostic data in general, and perhaps that might also help (e.g., setting the TF_LOG environment variable):