I was wondering if somebody could help me out with...
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I was wondering if somebody could help me out with creating some Azure WebApps using Pulumi… I want them to run dotnet, and tried that with the following code:
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const webapp = new web.WebApp(
			reserved: true,
			resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name,
			serverFarmId: appServicePlan.id,
			siteConfig: {
				linuxFxVersion: "DOTNET|6.0",
				netFrameworkVersion: "v6.0",

	new web.WebAppMetadata("meta", {
		resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name,
		name: webapp.name,
		properties: {
			CURRENT_STACK: "dotnetcore",
kind of worked, which means that I can create a deployment in Azure’s Deployment Center that seems to recognize dotnet as runtime. However, if I then deploy a .net app, it seems to me as if the application is started like a PHP application, which obviously does not work… All I see is an apache forbidden page. I tried to add the
with the
and the
, but that didn’t help neither, so I am wondering if that is necessary at all… Another thing is that the general settings tab within configuration in portal.azure.com has no stack selected, although I tried to configure it using the code above. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?
Ok, after hours of search I found that it is
instead of