Another question, this time AWS related: How do I ...
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Another question, this time AWS related: How do I “EnableSharingWithAwsOrganization” using pulumi? Or is this something that I have to enable manually?
The docs (built from the equivalent Terraform docs) don't explicitly say, but I infer that this has to be done outside Pulumi:
Provides a Resource Access Manager (RAM) principal association. Depending if RAM Sharing with AWS Organizations is enabled, the RAM behavior with different principal types changes.
👍 Will do that
NOTE: Certain AWS resources (e.g., EC2 Subnets) can only be shared in an AWS account that is a member of an AWS Organizations organization with organization-wide Resource Access Manager functionality enabled. See the Resource Access Manager User Guide and AWS service specific documentation for additional information.
could easily write a dynamic provider for this I think
Since it's once-and-once-only per account, even that might be more effort than needed...
For me it’s not worth it, as it’s just:
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aws ram enable-sharing-with-aws-organization
but for pulumi it would be a nice-to-have, as you can stay in the code
Anyway I’m not really sure at what level people start using infrastructure as code and what level is manual setup
It's more likely to come to AWS Native than AWS Classic. Might already be there, in fact?
Nope, not there yet.