# general


01/11/2022, 5:41 PM
Hi, I had a deployment fail today and as a result the stack was no longer showing when I did a list. I am using an Azure blob for storing the stacks and looking in there I could see the stack.json.bak file but not the stack.json file. I created a copy of the stack file as stack.json and can now see it from the cli. I need to do a bit of clean-up on it so I exported it and the export is over 200MB in size. This seems crazy big. 90% of the file seems to be aliases for a handful of azure servicebus topics and related subscriptions. Does this seem reasonable ?
PS I found that there is a backups folder in the pulumi stacks blob and it looks like the file was only 1.3MB prior to the failed pulumi-up today. Am I safe to save this backup stack file to disk and do a "pulumi stack import" on it?
Looks like a successful "pulumi up" of the 200MB file cleaned it up and reduced it back to 1.3MB automatically