Hello, I have auth0 secrete in my Pulumi.yml wher...
# general
Hello, I have auth0 secrete in my Pulumi.yml where I have set auth0 secrete likes this
pulumi config set --secret auth0Secret S3cr37
Now I have use case to use Auth0 API (management api) from auth0 SDK,
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import { Config, Output } from '@pulumi/pulumi'
import * as Auth0 from 'auth0' // This is auth0 management api sdk.

const auth0Config = new Config('auth0')

const auth0 = new Auth0.ManagementClient({
  domain: '<http://test-linktree.us.auth0.com|test-linktree.us.auth0.com>',
  clientId: auth0Config.requireSecret('clientId'),
  clientSecret: auth0Config.requireSecret('clientSecret')

await auth0.getClients();
Issue is output of
have type Output<T>, Is there way to get plain text out of it. Please help. Thanks
you'll need to use apply, why do you need the value in plaintext?