Hi! I’m learning Pulumi right now. I’m trying to...
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Hi! I’m learning Pulumi right now. I’m trying to get
Output from a
and it always is returning None in the apply method I’m calling on it. What is the proper way to access this output? I’m trying to include the ARN of that instance as a resource in an AWS policy I’m sure this question has been asked 1001 times, and I took a look at the input and output documentation but it didn’t help solve the problem.
I don’t use pulumi with AWS but if that’s something trivial, maybe I could help with my general knowledge. Can you post the code snippet that doesn’t work for you?
I actually think that I figured it out! Bad parameters because of an upstream Terraform issue. I filed the issue on the Pulumi AWS issues page on Github
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I appreciate the offer though.
can you link the GH issue here for the reference?