# kubernetes


03/16/2022, 4:54 PM
Does pulumi have an approach to handle the k8s operator pattern? When operators are used for an app, they create resources outside of pulumi. How does pulumi deal with this? Is there a operator "monitor" mode where pulumi can pick up these dependencies dynamically from the operator's interaction with the k8s API?


03/16/2022, 5:32 PM
We don't have an explicit monitor etc. That said, several users have found interesting ways to use pulumi with operators. The most obvious would be to install and configure the operator itself and the associated CRs etc. and let the operator do its job. You can also "import" existing resources into Pulumi's state and have them interact with pulumi provisioned resources. Lastly we have some ideas around making interactions with externally managed resources easier, summarized here:


03/16/2022, 6:25 PM
Thank you! Is it possible to import resources that have not been created yet and then have
pulumi up
wait until they are created before returning?
For example, doing what you said above (install the operator/crds thru pulumi), and then import the resources the operator is supposed to create eventually, and then wait until those resources are available before returning from
pulumi up