Hi, I'm trying to register a crd to my cluster but...
# kubernetes
Hi, I'm trying to register a crd to my cluster but I'm getting the error
error: no resource plugin 'crds' found in the workspace or on your $PATH
, if I check the documentation page for crd's at the bottom it points me to the kubernetes plugin, this I have installed. I couldn't find any specific resource plugin named crds so couldn't get the tag either. For reference I converted these crd's for snapshotvolumes using the crd2pulumi cli. Anyone an idea for what I'm missing here? fyi I registered these crd's using the yaml files and kubectl just fine, but i want to get them in pulumi. Thx already!
Hey Robbe, is it possible you could push what crd2pulumi generated to a github repo or gist, along with just the small example of what you used to create an instance of it?
Hey Friel, u can find the 3 crd folders and the code I used here: https://github.com/robbesettlemint/pulumi-snapshot-crd. In the resource file u can find the code I used to try to register the crd. In the example provided on the crd2pulumi page they used a definition method. The crd's I used do not have this method so I used the Provider method.