Attaching a custom LaunchTemplate to an EKS Manage...
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Attaching a custom LaunchTemplate to an EKS ManagedNodeGroup doesn't seem to work? For example, following this: I create a new LaunchTemplate with some metadata options and a key pair, refer to it in the
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launchTemplate: {
  id: pulumi.interpolate`${}`,
  version: "1",
When the node group comes up, it says on the EKS page that it's using mine, but on the instances themselves in the ASG, it's using an auto-created one. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something fundamental?
Can you show where you define the launch template? I'm mainly wondering if you're running up against
Thanks! I saw that issue, but was struggling to understand why tags would matter? Is there some kind of matching that happens? I'm currently not specifying any tags at all.
My apologies that it's been a while that I've worked in EKS, but I believe the tags are required for the cluster autoscaler for discovery: So I think it is using a matching system in the background to match them to your template
This is just using auto-scaling groups in AWS at the moment though isn't it? I haven't implement K8s CA yet. It's like the AWS ASG isn't using the LaunchTemplate that's on the ManagedNodeGroup?
Right; I think the tags ensure the right launch template is picked up. The person who opened the issue I linked is a Pulumian, though; I can double-check that was the outcome with him (might take a bit as he's in a different timezone).
After chatting with Aurélien, we think it makes sense to reopen that issue as it doesn't seem to make sense to either of us (i.e., your code looks just fine, and we're both stumped), and I'd ask if you're willing to share your code there. Up to posting?
Yep for sure!
Thank you! We reopened the issue here:, if you wouldn't mind adding anything else that you've found.
I added my comments there (finally :p). Also did some more investigation. Turns out that the contents of my custom launch template is being copied to the one that's generated and used. However any subsequent updates are not reflected (I guess the copy is a create-time thing). Can confirm that on the EKS console it says the node group is using my launch template, but on the actual ASG / node instances it's using a generated one (with the configuration copied from my custom one). Really weird behavior, not sure if it's Pulumi, or AWS, or TF 🤷
Oh, that's an odd one... Those flags I shared yesterday might help. If you use the
env var to get the TF output, and instead of piping it, you let it go where it wants (
TF_LOG=DEBUG pulumi up -v=9 --logflow
), you can get the data split out into the provider logs and the engine logs (use
pulumi about
to find out where the logs end up on your machine; it will be the last line in the output:
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$ pulumi about

# ...

Pulumi locates its logs in /var/folders/j_/p8w1p4s900dbnk9pc5gpp2ym0000gn/T/ by default
Then you get output like this in that directory:
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$ ls /var/folders/j_/p8w1p4s900dbnk9pc5gpp2ym0000gn/T | grep pulumi
I'm literally working on a blog post about diagnostic data so I had all that handy 😂 But I'm wondering if you ran a debugging run and then explored the
files, I wonder if something there might be helpful as it will split out the Pulumi engine stuff and make it easier to read.
This is actually a different issue (to the one I needed the flags for), but I'll try them anyway 🙂
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