02/25/2022, 12:41 PM
AWS lambda now supports ,net 6 as managed runtime. I tried to change runtime like this in “runtime: ‘dotnet6’,“, But I get an error because it seems Pulumi checks against a static list:
expected runtime to be one of [nodejs nodejs4.3 nodejs6.10 nodejs8.10 nodejs10.x nodejs12.x nodejs14.x java8 java8.al2 java11 python2.7 python3.6 python3.7 python3.8 python3.9 dotnetcore1.0 dotnetcore2.0 dotnetcore2.1 dotnetcore3.1 nodejs4.3-edge go1.x ruby2.5 ruby2.7 provided provided.al2]
When will you update the supported list? Is there a workaround?


02/25/2022, 1:06 PM
If using the classic AWS provider, the list is here, you can open a PR adding the runtime:


02/25/2022, 4:16 PM
@strong-printer-79519 Would it be possible to submit an issue for this if you don't have the time to create a PR? I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you should be able to supply a string to that input to get your program to work.


02/25/2022, 8:59 PM
I would love to, but the warning in the file that @millions-furniture-75402 mentioned says:
// *** WARNING: this file was generated by the Pulumi Terraform Bridge (tfgen) Tool. ***   // *** Do not edit by hand unless you're certain you know what you are doing! ***
Think it would be best if some that know the tool generated a new file 😅 Created a “feature request” issue instead;