Hi, was wondering if anyone has been able to manag...
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Hi, was wondering if anyone has been able to manage a Managed Prefix List. I'm getting the same errors as a couple other people in search history. I'm able to create the list fine, but if I change any entries, it consistently alternates between failing with an error and then no fail but no changes either. the error is:
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error updating EC2 Managed Prefix List (pl-0d8bdb0b40f06ae67): InvalidParameterValue: The specified value for version is not valid. The value must be greater than (
In case anyone else has this error, there are workarounds. See https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/issues/1784 - the gist is you create the prefix list with no entries. After it is created, you add entries one at a time using something like `new ManagedPrefixListEntry(
,{prefixListId: <prefix list id>, cidr: ''})`