Hey :wave:, I'm trying to provision a server and D...
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Hey 👋, I'm trying to provision a server and DB for PGSQL, and the flexible server deployed fine (using
but I'm getting this error on the database (using
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var pgDb = new PGSQLDB.Database($"foo", new PGSQLDB.DatabaseArgs()
            Charset = "UTF8",
            Collation = "English_United States.1252",
            ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
            ServerName = pgsqlServer.Name,
            DatabaseName = "foo"
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azure-native:dbforpostgresql/v20210601:Database (foo):
    error: resource partially created but read failed autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=404 Code="ResourceNotFound" Message="The requested resource of type 'Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/flexibleServers/databases' with name 'foo' was not found.": Code="InternalServerError" Message="An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: '**redacted**'"
A few questions 🙂 - am I using the right namespaces? Is there any way of getting more info than that
(I tried
to no avail). I found https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/1126, but I don't think it's quite it...
Re the verbose flag: We're running an update to our debugging docs to help with this info (I've got that fix in review!). That being said, to get the logging details from the Azure Native provider, you need to add the
flag to get the diagnostics data from the provider itself. Here's the basic command I'll use for a native provider:
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pulumi up -v=9 --logflow
That will dump logs into wherever your logs go for Pulumi (find that from the last line in the output of
pulumi about
). If you'd rather get it all at once on the terminal:
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pulumi up -v=9 --logflow --logtostderr 2>&1 | tee -a pulumi_log.txt
That extra bit at the end tells Pulumi to share logs both to stdout/stderr and append them to a file called
I'm not seeing anything immediately suspicious in your code, but I'd like to see those logs (redacted, of course) to see if there's anything there that might help.
Thanks Laura, I will capture those logs and see. I've found it's not a blocking issue really - I can actually just do a
as the pg admin user, and it works fine. No need to deploy it as a resource there. But yeah, it's a little weird because DB seems architecture related
Hmm... that is odd. I haven't had trouble creating a new database with other providers, but I haven't tried it on Azure Native yet. If you get those logs, I'd be happy to help figure out what's up.