Hi, I am trying to add a policy to an API Manageme...
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Hi, I am trying to add a policy to an API Management Operation using
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new AzureNative.ApiManagement.ApiOperationPolicy
The API Management instance is running on the consumption tier but I can add a policy manually without issue. When I try the above though I receive the error
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cannot check existence of resource '/subscriptions/xxx/resourceGroups/xxx/providers/Microsoft.ApiManagement/service/xxx/apis/xxx/operations/xxx/policies/xxx': status code 400, {"error":{"code":"MethodNotAllowedInPricingTier","message":"Method not allowed in this pricing tier","details":null}}
Is this a known limitiation? Thanks Alan
I assume I am hitting against the Direct management API limit ? If so, is there any way to use Pulumi to deploy a policy to the consumption tier of API Management?
I had the same error. It was related to the name of the policy. The policy name was to long. When i changed the name to "policy" inside the constructor, then the error disappaered.