In Azure there are function Apps and functions. Do...
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In Azure there are function Apps and functions. Does pulumi have functions as a component of azure to be created? I'm not seeing it and I'm not 100% sure what's the difference, but they are there
No. Functions are auto-detected based on the code that you upload to a Function App.
functions are what you write in the function app, the feature on Azure is to view the function source code (for a limited number of supported stacks), and list the functions accessible via a function app. the unit to create is the function app itself; to create the function, you’d have to publish the source code of the function app - you can manage this via a CI/CD hook or via some other provisioning tool, once the function app is deployed.
Been busy so didn't respond. I've since realised that while they have it as two things, functions and function apps are a difference of plans and nowhere in pricing is the mention of the Y1 plan(aka consumption) FFS Microsoft 🤦. It was while running through the steps in the portal for a consumption plan that I found it in the ARM template.