Need a memory refresher, but wen I create a stack,...
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Need a memory refresher, but wen I create a stack, do a create the yaml file manually in my project?
pulumi stack init
will create the stack and the yaml file!
hmm pulumi stack init didnt make a yaml file for me? i do it in the dir of the vs solution and the stack name is gurdips1/prd
I remember being tripped up on this myself! The stack-config file actually only gets created if there’s stack-config to be applied — so if you run
pulumi config set
. Otherwise, no
will be created.
ah yes! awesome, i better remember this! in fact i think i asked this before! thanks guys!
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Aha, and I even wrote a note about it in the docs:
(That little “note” block, there.)
You bet, cheers
Oof. That's what I get for trying to help from my poor memory! I guess I needed the refresher too 😂😂
@miniature-musician-31262 do you think we should add a similar note to the page I linked?