How about I make a GitHub repo and organise it int...
# getting-started
How about I make a GitHub repo and organise it into a sequence of steps?
hmm? im not sure I understand.
GitHub you understand?
I know and use GitHub yes. I'm not sure what you mean by using a repo to organize steps though.
So what if I create a sequence of
classes with each next step trying to add something new
Or what about a sequence of branches. Would that make comparison easier?
Here's where I've got to. Having created an SQL Server database and a key vault I'd like to store the connection string for the database in the key vault so that the database can be used. However, the database password is encrypted in the
file and therefore is obtained as type
instead of a
which leads to rubbish being stored as the connection string.
If I was setting up a server and a database then I'd create a server login and a database user for my application to use so that it could create tables etc., and it would create a less privileged user for the website to use (e.g., website doesn't need
or any server roles