Hi folks! Is there a way to integrate one's Pulumi...
# getting-started
Hi folks! Is there a way to integrate one's Pulumi dependencies into the service it configures? For example, I manage a collection of Node services, with my pulumi project code in another repo from the Node Code. That works fine, but means I need to do tasks like add secrets or env vars to the services. I'd love to enable other developers to add these when they need them. Can I 1. Integrate the pulumi project code into the build process of the services, adding its dependencies to
etc, having
pulumi up
in an 'npm run' script? 2. Or, am I best just having it exist in a subdirectory and forcing devs to set up the dependencies (npm i again in the subdir, or a Python venv, or install Go, etc) What's possible, and what's the best practice?
Thanks! I wasn't aware of that API. I'll look into it.