Hello everyone! I have a project in mind... I want...
# getting-started
Hello everyone! I have a project in mind... I want to offer a simple webui with 2-3 fields, an option to pick an "image" and an "OK" button, people can go to that webUI, make options and click ok. After that, I want to trigger pulumi to deploy an environment with these specific options. I would like to use pulumi-python maybe with django or flask, maybe my own restAPI later on. How would I start with this? I might see a way to prepare the basic python config and everything, but im struggling with with "pulumi up" ? And how can I make that one pulumi work with different stacks? Is there an example anywhere or a write down on how to approach that?
the pulumi over http is a good example to begin with.. We do this exact same thing, using pulumi automation APIs and python. Ours is a flask application front-end with a Celery based worker backend that uses automation API’s